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Masonika Technische Industrie BV, established in 1963, was specialized in valve automation. A deliberated chosen specialism; we prefer to know everything about a specific segment rather than a rough knowledge of the whole market.

Masonika produced and overhauled, imported and installed control valves and all kind of related systems. This also includes actuators, controllers and pneumatic and electronic measuring and controlling systems - a specialism which opened new possibilities and guaranteed high expertise. Masonika provided a controlled quality in the chemical and petrochemical industry, the paper/pulp-, sugar- and food industry and wherever valve automation is a part of the production process.


Masonika pand2Back in 2000 GTI took over the specialist Masonika Technische Industry BV at Zwijndrecht and added it to its Valves & Actuators division. At that time Masonika was specialised in the trading and fabrication of control valves and related components. The licensed fabrication of the Conoflow control valve including the representation of ITT Industries is still the fundament of the daily business of the Valves & Actuators division. Just like the fact that services on valve automation is still a very important part of the company.

Internationally speaking Masonika is still a well recognised name. We still receive orders from all over the world from customers searchingt under the name Masonika. GTI has enlarged the technical know-how of Masonika. Therefore our loyal customers keep returning, only these days to GTI!


Masonika pand1In the last few years Masonika has specialised more and more in the trading of pneumatic instruments of brands like ITT Conoflow and Moore Products (now Siemens). In order to highlight this specialism within the Cofely organisation, the Masonika department has been assigned to Cofely Delta Controls. Delta Controls is a leading provider of technical services. Using innovative concepts and integral solutions, Delta Controls plays a major role in the success of its customers in the industry. Delta Controls' services and products combine involvement, intelligence and expertise. These are the cornerstones of our customer-led and solution-led approach, which is essential for the optimisation of operational processes.

Delta Controls is distinctive in looking beyond the technique, just like Masonika always did.






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